Pranjal Goswami

student, programmer, sitarist, design enthusiast, entrepreneur


BADesigns Web Design and Development

The web has been an ever growing place since the discovery. With time the web has seen exponential development in technologies for production and maintenance of websites. The term web design will thus be very broad covering many skills and disciplines. To me, the web desgin is most importantly the user interface of a website. No matter how robust the web application is, it can't come to life without a fluid and intuitive UI. User Interface design is again a very involving term.

The best UIs are simple, subtle, fluid and intuitive. I always had an inclination towards the simplicity and minimalism and started using those ideas on the websites I developed. The alias, BADesigns, however has an interesting anecdote behind it. Following list contains some of the recent projects.

JYUKEBOX Internet Radio that sources

Work can't go along without music. I observed some of my friends who remain glued to their machines for long hours and found that all of us played random playlists on youtube or some other internet radio. After a lot of search I could not find a online player that had a very fluid and intuitive UI. So I worked on a HTML 5 audio player that crawls couple websites to fetch the results.

Currently the player is up at